Flirtual is an online dating platform that lets you meet people and have a virtual reality dating experience. Like other dating apps, users upload avatar pictures and answer typical questions. These questions will include your preferences, your gender, and sexual orientation. If you are interested in a particular person, you can choose to answer the questions in an anonymous way or share your answers with other users.

The Flirtual dating app matches users based on their mutual interests. They can then meet in VR to have virtual dates. Though Flirtual is not a standalone social VR app, it does work on other VR portals. This makes it convenient to meet people without leaving the VR experience. Moreover, users can choose how they want to meet in VR.

The app aims to make dating in VR more realistic for users. It allows users to express themselves fully. It is safe, low-stress, and fun. It also gives the user a chance to meet people in a way they wouldn’t otherwise. Flirtual’s customizable matchmaking system makes meeting new people easy. Users can meet with each other in any VR application, including Zenith and Horizon Worlds.

Flirtual’s members are young and technology-savvy. They are typically in their 30s and live in the United States. The dating site’s members are a mix of gender and sexuality. In addition to gender, Flirtual users can be of any sexual orientation, and the site’s terms of service require that all users agree to them.

Flirtual is a dating service that pairs users based on their interests. It also helps users arrange meetups in virtual environments. The creators of Flirtual want users to form real relationships detailed description. The company has taken online dating to new levels with the advent of virtual reality, but Flirtual is far from being the first to do so.


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