3Fun is a location-based dating app for mobile phones that is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. It has a free version and a paid Premium subscription. It is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherlands, and several other countries. It has over two million downloads and approximately 100,000 monthly users.

3Fun is a dating app for threesomes

3Fun is a dating app designed to bring together threesomes who want to find fun together. Couples can create a single account or create accounts for a male and female partner. Couples can also share messages and connections. The app was designed for couples who are open to a variety of sexual orientations.

The process of 3fun dating is not as simple as it seems. The first step is to determine what kind of partner you want. A threesome hookup is complicated and can be awkward if you aren’t careful. The second step is to think about your ideal partner.

It uses AI to identify fake profiles

3Fun claims to be the first casual dating app to use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and delete fake profiles. This technology allows the website to detect nude photos and stolen profiles. These users are then immediately deleted from the website. While the software may not identify fake profiles in all cases, 3Fun has made a commitment to improving its security measures.

The researchers used a variety of data to train an algorithm to identify fake profiles. They used images, demographic information and self-descriptions to identify suspicious profiles. The algorithm then calculates an overall probability of each profile being a fake based on these factors. This technology has a low false positive rate – around one percent. The new technology may help dating services curb the rising number of rom-con scams and prevent people from becoming victims of them.


It offers a Premium subscription

If you’re considering signing up for a Premium subscription for 3fun, there are a few things to consider. First, you should consider how secure the app is. The company is known for leaking sensitive data such as user location, in-app conversations, and even private photos. If you’d like to ensure that your private information stays private, you should consider using a credit card with Justuseapp.

3Fun also offers VIP membership, which enables you to see who liked your profile. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to meet a potential third. You can also limit the number of messages you send or receive.

It’s safe

3Fun has updated its security and safety standards to address the growing threat of cyber attacks. The recent data breach of 3Fun, which exposed its user location data, prompted the company to take immediate action and improve their security protocols. As a result, 3Fun’s users are now once again confident that the service is safe. The company’s recent updates have resulted in an additional 1 million sign-ups and have increased its trust rating from users.

3Fun’s team has used AI technology to detect catfishing and ensure that their users are safe. This makes them one of the first casual dating apps to use this tech. This new update encrypts personal information and allows users to block contact details of suspicious users. Users can also enable “anonymous browsing” to avoid being tracked. Moreover, 3Fun has added synchronized accounts, allowing couples to chat together with just one account. In addition, 3Fun’s system scans all uploaded content for malicious or fraudulent content.

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